“I have a constant need for beauty, both external and internal. It is an integral part of my life. In my search for beauty, nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. It always reminds me that in everything I do, both personally and within the scope of my company, there must be a greater purpose, an intention that goes far beyond pure profit. This is what I would call the spiritual aspect of my business ethics and it permeates every segment of Lorca Company’s operations.
It took me a long time to reconcile the business and spiritual elements inside me. I had always thought that one excluded the other. This, however, is an absolutely outmoded idea. We live in materialistic times and it is a fact that we realize our creative potentials through the work we do. And this brings us material compensation that enables us to develop even more - by traveling, becoming acquainted with new cultures, eating healthier food, improving ourselves as human beings, keeping abreast of literature, art, spiritual workshops… Surrounding ourselves with what corresponds to our personal esthetical criteria.
We need to be satisfied, serene and full of love, and transmit these feelings to our children who will be true to these same values and pass them on to their own children, and they to theirs. Investing in ourselves means investing in our offspring in all respects. This is how we transmit an energy matrix that will produce as many happy and spiritual people as possible on our magnificent planet.
We must be aware of whatever we do: what we put into our bodies through food, what we wear, what we allow to reach our heart through our mind. I believe we are what we eat, but also how we think and the choices we make in all segments of life. And finally how many people we have made happy along the path of our life. This is all that matters.
My children and my family are the most important thing in my life, its essence. I have learned so much from them, and thanks to them I am a better person today.
Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the creator of homeopathy and to me one of the most important people in the history of mankind, said: “The purpose I exist upon earth [is] to make myself as good as possible, and to improve things and men around me to the best of my ability.”
This should be the purpose of us all.



Elena Karaman Karić, interior designer, created the LORCA CONCEPT and is owner of the company LORCA DESIGN. Striving for the greater good, she is dedicated to reaching more humane and noble goals than pure profit. She defines this commitment as the spiritual aspect of her private and business ethics, as the guiding principle permeating all segments of her life and the Lorca Brand business.

The complex personality of this modern-day heroine results from an eclectic combination of genes - ancestors from Peru, Dalmatia and Kosovo, and carefully chosen self-development, a consciously selected personal saga. The second generation of an artistic family, she lives between Belgrade and London, appropriating what is best from these quite different cultures: the need know, respect and apply tradition by appreciating old skills and noble crafts, and the incurable and unbridled longing for freedom, a nomadic touch with distant civilizations as sources of inspiration, walking on clouds, pushing conventional boundaries…

Studying special education and interior design were the first steps in her personal development. But in addition to these rational facts, her biography also has a more novelistic side:

She studied homeopathy and nutrition at two of the most important academies in the world (the Academy of Prof. Vithoulkas in Greece and the School of Homeopathy in Britain). She is a practitioner of Su Jok and traditional feng shui, and has a diploma from the Academy of Yap Cheng Hai. Transcendental Meditation and Ashtanga Yoga are a component part of Elena’s daily life. She considers knowledge and personal improvement as a way to attain freedom.

Elena Karaman Karić’s personal saga leads her along paths that are less frequented and secluded today, advocating a clean and unpolluted nature saved from the onslaught of industrialization, commercialization, and mass food production. She promotes organic production and sustainable development where business success results from social commitment.  She initiated and is an activist in the campaign against GMOs in Serbia, and founded the nonprofit organization Tree of Life that strives to inform, raise awareness and link people through two key words: natural and spiritual.

“Money has value solely if it is spent to improve the quality of life. Even though extremely large business projects stand behind me, I still do not consider myself a businesswoman. I would be more inclined to say that I am a philanthropist.

Elena is married and the mother of three sons. Her family is her greatest support, and as she herself says, the sanctuary and source of creativity. She considers her greatest success to be the adults her boys are growing to be every day. All her other achievements have resulted from her basic endeavor to be a parent and the support of her sons and husband.

Elena and Jugoslav Karić have been avid collectors of objets d’art for years, in particular paintings and sculptures. Their valuable collection is the basis for the future Lorca Museum, a legacy that will become a place where art connoisseurs, professionals and aficionados meet.

What Elena speaks about passionately is consciously embedded in her strong personality. This is why she chose the more difficult path of constant multidisciplinary development. She is propelled by great faith in the infinite power of Love, and the tried and true saying that we did not inherit this wonderful planet from our ancestors, rather borrowed it from our children…