The Magic of MILADIJA

Elena Karaman Karić has chosen a deeper, symbolic dimension in furniture design and interior decoration.

When creating the collection she did not follow trends, but was guided by feelings and intuition, striving to create space custom-made to the user in conjunction with traditional handcrafts and the laws of nature.

She was inspired by the energetically powerful, wondrously beautiful Serbian kilims from Pirot. Investigating her Peruvian origins, Elena Karaman Karić discovered the symbolical meaning of traditional ethnic decorative patterns from textiles of the ancient Inca civilization. Comparing them with traditional Serbian kilims from Pirot, she noted certain fascinating similarities. She learned that the patterns of the Pirot kilims have a specific energy that radiates with an effect, as though devised many years ago by people who were “gifted”.

They have been used for hundreds of years to protect the people they were made for. In association with organizations that “preserve the decorative patterns of the Pirot kilims”, Elena designed a collection that she called Miladija after her grandmother. Decorative patterns are placed on furniture that corresponds to the sphere of life suited to their energy effect. Chairs have the “Rašićeva šara” pattern (believed to improve business success), baldachins have the “Lady’s Heart” (symbolizing love, harmony, unity, and a new beginning for two young people).


In this timeless collection, Pirot patterns are joined by crystals that also radiate energy beneficial to man and his surroundings. Thousands of years ago people knew about the powers contained in crystals which, if properly guided and channeled, harmonize the environment, and balance and purify the energy of a living space. The Miladija Collection highlights Amazonite, a crystal known for its ability to protect against electromagnetic radiation. It is a stone that soothes and aligns the physical and ethereal. In addition to their esthetic and material value, pieces from the Miladija Collection have a therapeutic effect on balancing the body’s energy thanks to synergy between the wondrous crystals and the powerful Pirot decorative patterns.