Lorca is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle

“I never intended to develop a brand. My intention has always been to do what I love, showing my creative potentials, while making others happy. Lorca is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle.”

In developing the concept of Lorca Total Design, Elena Karaman Karić has incorporated her personal ethics and esthetics: her personal development, personal saga, various forms of multidisciplinary studies, and 15 years of work experience.

Celebrating the special alchemy of this spiritual integration, Elena’s esthetics have become a synonym for modern luxury. Inspired by the coloring of mixed materials, her designs are a combination of important historical references and modern influences. Harmony of the male and female, the classical and contemporary, is a component part of Lorca Brand’s sense of eclecticism and iconic style. The Lorca team is proud of the special attention devoted to every detail. This handmade final piecework is the soul of her designer philosophy. Every project has its own voice and each is imbued with an awareness of culture, recognized as the mark of art and exclusivity.

Many clients have stated that in rooms with Elena’s signature they feel relaxed, comfortable, at ease, cosy. The Lorca Design concept is based on a personalized approach to each client and their needs.

Art & Crafts

As a staunch traditionalist who understands the first-rate professionalism and efficiency of modernism, Elena Karaman Karić designs artistic pieces of furniture with a steady hand guided by inspiration, heart and passion. This furniture is enduring, gains value as it ages, is handed down from generation to generation…

Over time the individual, one-of-a-kind, handmade pieces, in association with artists (sculptors, painters), decorated with silver details, ornamentation, intarsia, semiprecious stones and crystals, have grown into thematic collections (Walking in the Clouds, SoHo, Jazz, Metropolis…), without losing their singularity, uniqueness and exclusivity.


Lorca Company also has a consulting team of experts who guide the clients when buying valuable works or art or select and buy objets d’art for them at world auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Dorotheum and many others…